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Top Three Scariest Things To Do In Savannah, Georgia!

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

As we like to say on our podcast "The Most Haunted City on Earth", Savannah is a city built upon it's dead. Our stunningly beautiful city has seen tragedy after tragedy and many bodies have been consumed by the earth right where they fell.

Our graveyards extend well beyond their gates, and chances are if you took a stroll through Downtown today, you were walking over human remains.

Millions of people visit this city looking for ghosts, and this is one of the very few cities in the world where if you look for them, you will most likely find them.

Below are what we at The Most Haunted City on Earth Podcast believe, as locals, to be the three scariest things you can do during your visit to Savannah!


1. Visit The Graveface Museum (and come face to face with the largest collection of John Wayne Gacy's ACTUAL paintings in the world)

We aren't joking. The museum smack downtown on Factor's Walk right behind famed River Street, houses hundreds of John Wayne Gacy's actual paintings he made while incarcerated.

Owned and operated by good friends of ours Ryan & Chloe Graveface (yes that's their legal last name) this museum is one of the coolest things to do in Savannah if you're into dark stuff. True crime junkies, it has countless real serial killer paraphernalia at which to ogle. Cult lovers, it has Jim Jones's ACTUAL glasses he wore, and a ton of stuff on other cults like Charles Manson & Heavens Gate.

If those things don't enthrall you, there's much more to do including a ton of pinball machines to play with! The pinball machines are included in the cost of your ticket so play away until you're pinballed out.

The Haunted City Podcast Team recently investigated this museum for one of our series episodes that are only available on our Patreon. After our investigation, we concluded that the museum is incredibly haunted, and chaotically so, because many dark items and the entities attached to them live there now. It's like entity stew.

The museum is located at 410 East Factors Walk, Savannah, GA

This place is terrifying... You should try it out!


2. The Savannah Underground: An Immersive Experience

Full Disclosure: We own this theatre.

The Savannah Underground was created to be Savannah's scariest thing to do and I believe we achieved that.

What it is: An immersive show that takes you through three horrifying true tales that all took place in Savannah's dark past. You'll meet characters, creatures, and demonic entities that all have REAL ties to our haunted city.

Savannah's scariest stories play out around you in a 360 degree set. It's interactive, scary, and whole lot of fun.

There are two ways you can experience it...

You can either take a trolley ghost tour provided by our partner Kelly Tours, to the underground, and then afterwards, if you survive it, you'll be taken back to your car or your hotel.

Or you can attend just the show since there's a massive parking lot outside our theatre with ample parking.

It happens year round so get your tickets here!


3. Tour The Sorrel-Weed House

You looking for a ghost? This is where you'll find one.

One of our podcast hosts (and my wife) Madison recently investigated this haunted house to find out how haunted it really was... If you haven't listened to our podcast yet (I recommend you do if you're this far in the article because it's all about haunts and you obviously like those) Madi is VERY sensitive to ghosts. She sees them all the time, all day every day.

She came out of this house saying it was one of the strongest hotspots for the paranormal she's ever encountered. She spun tales of multiple ghosts, all with extremely strong energy in this house.

Like many houses in Savannah, the history of this house is tragic. Tales of suicide, war, slavery, and murder are heard in this house every night. They don't cover anything up let me tell you.

Needless to say, we HAD to do a series episode on it and Madi was very right. Even if you aren't sensitive to the paranormal, you're likely to experience something strange here.

There's multiple parts of the house that feel extremely cold, even though it's smoking hot out and there are no vents nearby... Multiple people have collapsed in this house not knowing why... and if you take pictures in this house, there's a chance you'll capture something you can't explain.

Get tickets for their tour here.


Ghost Tip: If you're looking for a great ghost tour...

Eenie Edenfield with Enocha Edenfield Tours is the way to go!

A good friend of ours, we will put our name behind Eenie any day! Actually, she's a regular guest on our podcast! She will take you through Savannah, giving you historically accurate information and creeping you out at the same time. She's 5 star all the way!

Take a look at her tour here!


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